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June 11, 2013
June 11, 2013

Greece: The statement of the ERT* employees

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Greece: The statement of the ERT* employees

*Greek Public Broadcaster

ERT should be open: to society, to its contradictions, to its problems, to its anxieties, to its ideas, and actions.

ERT should be open: to culture, to the world, to different trends, to searches, and dynamics.

ERT should be open: to every citizen of the world, to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia.

People of public service broadcasting have the power and the will to keep up the social good of information, culture, sport. They have the courage and the will to fight for stopping ERT’s manipulation by any single party or multiparty power.We, the workers, are still alive and we will rise to the occasion.

We will fight for an institutional framework for the operation of ERT which ensures and safeguards the independence of public broadcasting; which will finally cut the umbilical cord with each government and each center or off-center policies and client-like practices.

ERT should be open, real estate and property of all Greek citizens.

Those who elaborate plans to put a padlock to ERT have no other intention but to facilitate different types of interests. They are dangerous.

The journalists of the Public Broadcasting strongly declare that we will keep ERT open by any means. We urge every citizen from Gavdos to Evros to prevent the nightmare. To prevent any attempt to squelch the public broadcaster in the country.

Those who dream nightmares let them stay in the bliss of the tale of the Wicked Witch or let them wake up before it’s too late. We are awake. We are in a constant General Assembly and we invite citizens, social and political factors, scientists, men of letters and arts at 7 pm at Radiomegaro of Agia Paraskevi. We do not step back.


Photos from the first day outside ERT HQ

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