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September 19, 2013
September 19, 2013

150 people gathered in Barcelona to protest the killing of a Greek antifascist

Author: David Bou Translator: Sofia Tipaldou
Source: Directa  Categories: Antifascism, Protest
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150 people gathered in Barcelona to protest the killing of a Greek antifascist

The murder of the Greek hip-hop singer and antifascist activist Paul Fyssas from a member of the fascist party Golden Dawn in Athens, mobilized over one hundred people on Wednesday afternoon in Barcelona’s Plaça Catalunya. The Antifascist Network for Greece has made a call in social networking sites to denounce the impunity that fascism enjoys in Greece and to condemn this latest hate crime.

The gathering started shortly after seven in the evening and had the support of the organization Unity Against Fascism and Racism (UCFR). A member of Barcelona’s Greek community was the first to speak in public, complaining about “the political and economic dictatorship” in Greece and the cooperation of the authorities with the Golden Dawn.

Then, the representative of UCFR, David Karvala, reminded us the recent murder of French antifa activist Clément Meric, denounced the “expansion of the radical right risk across Europe” and stressed that members of the fascist Casal Tramuntana in the neighborhood of Clot in Barcelona and the party «Plataforma per Catalunya» (PxC) maintain important links with the Golden Dawn. During his speech, he emphasized the need for “a united fight against fascism, where there is room for all” and argued that in order to stop the rise of fascism, we must “all unite all our hands so that they cannot pass”.

The evening’s last intervention was made by a Cypriot antifascist activist, who called for solidarity and announced that the Antifascist Network for Greece in Barcelona is preparing a series of events to support the antifascist struggle in Greece, open to the city’s various collectives.

The gathering ended with a short demonstration from Passeig de Gràcia to Vila de Gràcia, where about fifty protesters lifted the banner that they prepared for this event.

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