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December 24, 2013
December 24, 2013

150 Syrian refugees missing in northern Greece

Author: Anna Papoutsi
Category: Borders
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150 Syrian refugees missing in northern Greece

150 Syrian refugees are missing since the 12th of November in northern Greece, according to the UN Refugee Agency. Among them, there were entire families with children, fleeing from the horror of the civil war in their country.

The Greek Authorities and the Police refuse any involvement and knowledge of their whereabouts.

According to the locals, on the 12th of November, 70-80 refugees were spotted outside a church in the village of Pragi while 80-90 more were hiding in the nearby woods. The witnesses also positively confirm that, despite the denial of the police authorities in all levels to acknowledge the incident, the refugees were detained by the police.

However, none of them made it to the local Centre for Refugees in order to be registered and processed accordingly.

Based on the provisions of the 3907/2011 Law, migrants from third countries should undergo the First Entry procedures for the proper recording and identification, verification of their situation and for meeting their basic needs, before any decision is made for further administrative action.

Unfortunately, the police is known to illegally turn refugees and migrants back to where they came from, often putting them at great risk and using methods that reach the point of torture. This is not only immoral but also illegal, not to mention that it prevents migrants and refugees to even apply for asylum.

These practices are sanctioned directly by the higher echelons of the Police, as it was revealed by the shocking audio last week, in which the Chief of the National Police is clearly heard stating to his officers that “We have to make their life impossible”.

The UN Refugee Agency has requested an investigation into the matter of the disappearance of these people in the borders of Greece…

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