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December 12, 2013
December 12, 2013

Barcelona: Protest against the budget of misery (4 December)

Author: Ismael Guye Sancho Translator: Eleni Nicolaou
Category: Protest
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Barcelona: Protest against the budget of misery (4 December)

The Government discusses the new budget, the new measures awaiting us just around the corner.

This budget will be discussed, beyond the political games between ERC [1] and CIU [2], in a country living under the devastating effects of the crisis and the austerity policies imposed by Brussels, Madrid and, let’s not forget, by Barcelona. This budget will be discussed in a country where one third of the population is in poverty, where unemployment exceeds 22%, where the water and electricity cuts due to unpaid bills, the evictions, the inequalities…have become daily bread.

Faced with a country under these conditions the budget debate should not, cannot be limited to whether the cuts will exceed 4.4 billion euro or not, whether the deficit target will be reached, whether ERC will support or not, whether it is Madrid’s or Catalonia’s fault… Faced with a country under these conditions the budget debate should regain touch with the reality of life and it is not merely about stopping the cuts that threaten the health, education, culture, social benefits… but it is urgent to reverse the coercive measures of recent years, preserve the common good and engender a new development to serve the people…

Faced with a country in these conditions and a political system that has no contact with reality the group “junts podem” (together we can) called people to take again to the streets on December 4.

The goal?

To reject this antisocial budget and the further cuts in education, health, social services… it entails.

The goal?

To remind them that we do not accept any new cuts, any reduction of jobs, any deterioration in working conditions, any plundering of public businesses and services, any poverty or inequality…

The goal?

To show that another way is possible, a way in which we stand up against Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels and the Troika, against financial powers, lobbyists… Another way is possible to maintain the welfare state, developing employment policies, promote cooperatives, self-management…

The fight continues, we are back on the 19th.

[1]ERC means Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, Republican Left of Catalonia

[2]CIU means Convergència i Unió, Convergence and Union

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