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October 3, 2012
October 3, 2012

Greece: Few words from the holding cells of Police HQ, by the arrested from the anti-fascist protest

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Greece: Few words from the holding cells of Police HQ, by the arrested from the anti-fascist protest

Even though three days have already passed since our arrest during the anti-fascist motorbike protest on Sunday the 30th of September, we think it is necessary to make some things clear.

On Sunday the 30th of September, after an open call, a motorbike march to put up posters took place, starting from Exarhia. This protest came as an answer to the fascist pogroms and attacks against immigrants that take place in various parts of the centre of Athens by fascist gangs camouflaged as ‘neighbours or shopkeepers committees’ aided by the official state gangs.

The relationship between the Golden Dawn[1] (Xrisi Avgi) and the police is well-documented and we are not interested in analysing it nor explaining it right now.

Following the attack of the Golden Dawn members (citizens) against the motorbike march, the Delta force[2], which was following not only from behind but from the side streets as well, launched an attack.

15 antifascists, men and women, were finally arrested and we were all beaten in various parts of our bodies, head, hands, feet, while even Taser guns were used on us.

We were taken on the 6th floor of the Police HQ, outside the department for the protection of the regime, where the night passed with beatings, threats, hair-pulling, burnings, photo-taking as memorabilia for the personal photo albums of the Delta force members that were guarding us.

Threats like ‘now that we know who you are, we will bury you like we did your grandfathers in the civil war’ are indicative of the terrorist atmosphere that these cretin praetors of the Delta force tried to impose on us, while the communication with the lawyers or doctors was forbidden for 19 hours. The next day, after the show of our transportation for mug shots we were finally led to the Courthouse.

During our stay there, the riot police attacked the people who had gathered for solidarity, beating heavily many of them, while detaining 25 of them and arresting 4. As of their arrest, they were led to the 6th floor of the Police HQ under the same sort of terrorising atmosphere with humiliating body searches and, in an unprecedented vindictive decision, their detention is prolonged for three more days, and ours until Thursday.

We are led to the 7th floor of the Police HQ at an over-crowded ward (destined for 30 people while it is actually ‘used’ by 80 in incredibly bleak conditions in order to break us but actually there we found a unique feeling of solidarity from people who had been there ‘forgotten’ even for 3 months.

In this period of the ‘economic crisis’ when more and more people are led to poverty and squalor, the social cannibalism is rewarded as a virtue, fascism is rising in our places and neighbourhoods and the state attack is extended in all levels, the option of self-organisation, solidarity, camaraderie and direct action is the one that can be both the defensive wall against the fear that is imposed on us, and also the perspective of an alternative social organisation.



[1] Neo-Nazi group that after the June 2012 Election holds 18 seats in the Parliament for the first time in their history.
[2] Delta force is a police motor-unit of 300 men that extremely violent and abusive; it is said that they are not really loyal to anyone and are no are not even liked in the police force; they are generally considered as psychopaths.

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