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December 10, 2013
December 10, 2013

Barcelona: Demonstration against Detention Centres for Migrants (CIEs), ​​December 9th 2013

Author: Sofia Tipaldou Translator: Anna Papoutsi
Categories: Borders, Protest
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Barcelona: Demonstration against Detention Centres for Migrants (CIEs), ​​December 9th 2013

The organisations Armenian Association “Ararat”, Close down the CIEs and Rereguarda en Moviment, with the support of Antigonia, organised on Monday 9th of December a demonstration, in front of the station of the National Police in Vía Layetana in Barcelona, to protest against the death of Alik in a CIE. They demand that the witnesses of his death are not deported, that all CIEs are shut down and the immigration law is repealed.

Alik (Aramis Manukyan) was found hanged in the morning of the 3rd of December, after 12 days of detention in the CIE of Zona Franca in Barcelona. He was 32 years old and he had a 7 year old daughter.

Now, it is being attempted to dispute the official police version, collecting testimonies of CIE inmates, as well as friends and family. All these agree on a version of the facts that is totally different from the official one. According to sources, Alik, before his death, was beaten by the police officers and was immediately admitted in an isolation cell, from where he had been screaming for hours, before the tragic outcome.

Antigonia write on their website about Alik’s death:

“The government will respond to this by launching a new Internal Regulation for the function of CIEs in Spain; this Regulation will do nothing more than open a possibility for contracting private security firms and it will make the family visits even harder and finally it will legitimise the existence of these places of exception as well as the processes of persecution, detention and deportation of migrants. Not having a residence permit for the EU is an administrative offence. The promulgation of this Regulation is one more step towards the normalisation of the persecution, the imprisonment and the forced deportation of people for the simple reason of being considered not European”.

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