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June 6, 2014
June 6, 2014

Barcelona: Solidarity with CSA Can Vies

Source: Red Antifascista por Grecia  Category: Protest
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Barcelona: Solidarity with CSA Can Vies

10,100,1000 squats against a world of subjection and sorrow.

Squats are the lighthouses that point the path to a world of liberty and equality. The ways of operation and function propose an alternative way of living. It’s not about the building itself. Squats occupy a space in our hearts and thoughts and the response to their repression should be mass solidarity by all means.

During this general attack of the capitalist machine in liber social spaces, we believe  that all proposals for self-organisation consist a social obligation towards liberty, now more than ever.
After 17 years of intense appearance in the social struggles, Can Vies is under attack.  They wrongly believe that our beliefs can go down together with the building.

We perceive Can Vies as a strong example which shows how a suggestion to self-organisation can become accepted from the whole neighbourhood. Antifascist action, political as well as social events and workshops are some points that give an idea about the long history of the place.

We declare our support and solidarity to the comrades of Can Vies and to all who continue fighting and resisting against capitalist barbarity.

We support the demands of Can Vies,

  • Resignation of alderman Jordi Martí  and mayor Xavier Trias
  • Stop the demolition of the building
  • Release of all arrestees without charges
  • Immediately stop the police presence and the militarisation of the neighbourhood
  • Stop the evictions of any kind and all evacuation procedures of other occupations at risk


Antifascist Network for Greece


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