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November 10, 2013
November 10, 2013

Greece exports to Spain the silencing of Public Broadcaster

Author: Sofia Tipaldou
Category: Protest
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Greece exports to Spain the silencing of Public Broadcaster

A massive protest followed the government’s announcement for the shut-down of the Valencian Public Broadcaster (RTVV). The “non negotiable and rapid shut-down” of RTVV that will leave 1,200 of its employees without a job, cannot but remind us of the forced shut-down of the Greek Public Broadcaster (ERT), its self-management from the fired employees for about five months (since June 2013), and the government’s recent brutal repression with the forced evacuation of the building by the riot police on the 7th of November.

Picture of the ΕΡΤ employees that transmit from the street, right in front of the riot police.

More than 60,000 people took to the streets of the three Valencian capitals on Saturday, 9th of November, to protest against the shut-down of the Catalan-speaking TV in the Spanish province of Valencia after 24 years because of lack of funds to finance it.

“We are no longer separated. We do not care if you call us Valencian country, Kingdom of Valencia, or Valencian community. A group of dictators cannot dissolve a united nation” said the anchorman of Channel 9, Frederic Ferri, from the mobile TV set on a coach that lead the demo.

Indeed, the demo united behind a gigantic banner with the slogan: “RTVV cannot be shut down. It is yours” all Valencian political fractions, including those that aim at Valencia’s separation from Madrid, for the first time since 1977. Labour unions CCOO, UGT, CSIF, USO and CGT, opposition politicians, famous Valencia actors, musicians, the director of the Valencian School, the agricultural organisations Unió and AVA, representatives of public TV channels from other regions – everybody was there except the ruling party PP.

President of RTVV, Salut Alcover, stated that the government cannot liquidate a public service that is fundamental for the self-government and the maintenance of our language and called the president of the Valencian government, Alberto Fabra, to reconsider his decision.

The Greek government did not take back its decision. We don’t want the same to happen in Valencia! We consider our duty to inform people in both countries and to make a call for solidarity between them! Only united we can reconquer what is being violently taken from us!

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