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September 20, 2013
September 20, 2013

Greece: Letter from the arrestees of 18/9

Author: Prisoners of G.A.D.A. Translator: x-pressed
Source: Athens Indymedia  Category: Antifascism
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Greece: Letter from the arrestees of 18/9

photo by Vassilis Mathioudakis

On Wednesday 18/9 we got arrested at the demonstration in Keratsini after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas from a fascist gang the day before. There were lots of arrests after the riot police interventions.

Today we are kept at Attica’s central police station (G.A.D.A.) charged with a series of false accusations for “facts” that never took place. Many of us were beaten during the arrest.

We were there and if we could turn back time, we would be there again. Because a man got murdered, this time for his political action. We were there to protest against fascism and the murderous attacks, either coming from neo-Nazi gangs or from the same state and repression.

We deny all accusations.

To our persecutors:

We will not let you use the theory of “the two extremes” on us. The theory of a state that holds the “same stance” against the fascists and the antifascists, in order for you to create an image of your supposed “smooth management”, turning more and more of us into wretches.

Someone had to get arrested so that you can construct once more the same tale of arrests and strikes, pouring fear between us. We know well that the game is set up behind our backs.

Here, getting to know each other makes us feel stronger.

We thank all people who expressed their solidarity as well as our comrades that are everywhere. We express our support to Pavlo’s family and friends.

The prisoners of “state regime’s protection” police station

(6th floor G.A.D.A.)

The photo features some of the detentions made during the demo in Keratsini (photo by Vassilis Mathioudakis), from

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