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July 2, 2013
July 2, 2013

Mataroa 2013 Summer Seminar

Author: Mataroa
Source: Mataroa  Category: On the crisis
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Mataroa 2013 Summer Seminar

“Mataroa 2013 Summer Seminar” to Explore Radical Research Network Possibilities in a New Mediterranean

Multiple movements “against crisis, for the commons” bring the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea closer to knowledge exchanges and towards new political visions.

The Mataroa Summer Seminar 2013 will be held in the island of Ikaria, Greece from July 14-18, 2013 and will bring together ca. 25 scholars of social sciences and political ecology from the Mediterranean Sea and beyond. It is supported institutionally by the Municipality of Ikaria, the School of Architecture at the National Technical University in Athens, the Anthropology Department at Panteion University in Athens, the Documentation Research and Action Center of Ikaria and by local associations. The seminar is open to everyone, but without the possibility of translation from English. The three public events of the seminar will be held in Greek.

The Mataroa Meeting 2013 seeks to investigate the extent to which crisis imaginaries rather hamper than advance our thorough understanding of contemporary global condition. Moreover, it will explore how the “commons” are emerging as a serious potentiality for social, economic and environmental justice, but also as tools to re-think our lives and our environment. The goal of the effort is to connect with local issues and movements, but also and mainly the creation of a network of researchers and research initiatives in the area with the prospect of a Mediterranean radical research network.

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