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June 24, 2012
June 24, 2012


Author: Sofia Tipaldou
Category: Letters from home
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"The only ones dumber than politicians are the voters"

Dear political leaders,

We all know that you have every reason to consider us MORONS.

The hardest evidence is that we put you back in the Parliament and we trusted you again with power. This is more than enough for you to punish us with your presence and political discourse.

But our mistake is even worse because of the circumstances under which you’ve once again received our vote, amidst a global financial crisis. It’s a time when a country more that ever needs a responsible and capable leadership that: (a) has a political programme to alleviate as much as possible the consequences of the crisis, (b) explains to the citizens this programme before the election, and (c) if elected, implements this programme.

You are, therefore, right in considering us morons, for the merest reason that you are neither responsible nor capable, but you are still in power.

The most recent and mighty proof of our stupidity it that, because we have been voting for you for 30 years, we can easily understand, or at least suspect, that you are responsible for today’s misery. And because none of you has been punished for the plethora of scandals that has come to light from time to time (I really don’t know where to start from, and so I leave it to the discretion of each one’s memory), but also because you do not replace your party’s officers, you will let us conclude that you have distributed “the pie” in between yourselves and you are covering for each other when – instead of politics – you exercise the worst acting in the roles of government/opposition, while what really concerns you is how much more you will snatch.

Thus, we deserve for the third time the title of morons. Because we do not learn from our mistakes. Because we keep believing that you are the ‘political leadership’ of the country, while in reality you are a gang of crooks that sometimes –when you are not doing backflips– we can tell you apart from the flags of your party and nothing more.

We empathize, thus, all the reasons that make you treat us in such an unlawful and hypocritical way. But we do not understand the satisfaction with which you keep a whole nation in a state of terror with your politics; How you keep telling people, besides everything else, that you will not take more austerity measures and  months later you announce that you have decided to take these same measures. You say something and you do the exact opposite. Isn’t it grim satisfaction on your side to keep on with this pace when suicides, unemployment, Greek immigration and pogroms against foreign immigrants in Greece are increasing dramatically? And as if all this was not enough, you send without hesitation riot police to slaughter people who still dare taking the streets to tell you ENOUGH!

Thus, we would plea with you, since we know that you don’t have the decency to resign, to open you accounts in Switzerland, to pay your taxes, and to disappear, to at least stop telling us to our faces that you consider us morons, as you did once again with the last sketch with the list of the top national tax evaders.

It is the least you could do for all of us!

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