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January 3, 2014
January 3, 2014

Spain: New campaign of the Platform for those Affected by Mortgages (PAH)

Author: PAH Translator: Konstantia Nikopoulou
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Spain: New campaign of the Platform for those Affected by Mortgages (PAH)

Stop evictions

New campaign of the PAH (Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca): local motions for the recovery of empty housing in the hands of banks.

The PAH demands that municipalities and Autonomous Communities act against the housing emergency.

This year, the pressure of the PAH and the Andalusian movement for housing rights managed to pass the first regional law that finally begins to act against the anti-social behaviour of the banks. Although still insufficiently, in Andalusia it is being achieved what is a wide popular demand: that the bank, responsible for the crisis and bailed-out with our money, should facilitate accumulated empty houses and bring them under social rent. And if they refuse to negotiate, they should be punished and expropriated on behalf of the social function of property and the public interest.

On December 31st, thanks to the action of pressure and the advise of PAH in Terrassa the first three 5,000€ fines were signed to banks with empty houses. They are only the first three fines of more than 700 open cases. It is only the beginning of what should be a widespread practice.

Today, Friday 3rd January, in Barcelona this new campaign is presented, with a model of motion that will be submitted to all Catalan municipalities in the coming weeks and will be extended to the rest of the state. Yes you can… and now the municipalities have the chance to prove if they really want to.

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