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June 6, 2014
June 6, 2014

No poll shocker in Croatia: Among the last believers in austerity

Author: Idemo dalje
Category: On the crisis
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No poll shocker in Croatia: Among the last believers in austerity

If Greece is the guinea pig for European austerity then Croatia will be a lamb for slaughter. Not that it matters for the greedy eyes of Croatia’s wealthy, it will apply fast to every third citizen on the verge of poverty.

In the midst of the austerity debacle all over Europe, there isn’t a more appropriate fan for a landslide victory of Croatian right-wingers: “Solution for crisis in Europe is Europe”, said Tomislav Karamarko yesterday, a former chief of the Counterintelligence Agency (POA) and Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA), a head of right-wing HDZ [1] and allied conservatives and nationalists. They’ve lost contact with reality.

Not that it matters for the greedy eyes of the Croatian wealthy who stare greedily to the riches of western Europe , but any other election outcome for alleged left- and right-center parties (SDP and HDZ) would amount to the same for the silent lambs of Croatia – minorities, the poor and unemployed, marginalized groups of every bitter flavor. Thanks to the 75 % of abstained voters, feeling disgusted precisely as the politicians wants to them to feel, and that in meaningful democracy, the big businesses in politics and economy will go on as usual.

Leading web based news portal in Croatia,, summed up election results brutally: “Almost criminal HDZ won six mandates, incompetent SDP four, ORaH one mandate”.

In the maverick manner of political elite in residence and in actual opposition, it means further destruction of public health system (already damaged), privatizations of energy sector and national Post service (announced), public railways and water supply systems (planned and denied), concession give-aways of publicly financed highways (partially done), more cuts in budget spending for higher education, social services, agriculture subventions, civil sector and culture in general (all done). On top of that, masive lay-offs will come through the mainstream media to the slaves of Austerity Europe as naturally as rain follows thunder. Just as soon as their alleged representatives lavish into their new seats in Brussels.

Whatever already happened to Greece, Spain and Portugal, at least, but with bitter fights, lay ahead for Croatia. In frightened silence.

Ignorance is bliss…

For the worst crisis indicators Croatia is – according to Eurostat and Eurobarometer – second only to Greece and occasionally within the first five countries, which includes Romania and Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal. According to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics every third citizen is facing poverty and social exclusion (32,7 %); the rate of material deprivation climbs to 34 % ; some 17.0  % of persons aged less than 60 live in households with high unemployment rates (the highest in Europe) – and those were the statistics calculated in 2011!

According to the Eurostat survey in 2013, youth unemployed rates soared to 52.8 %, third in Europe, just behind Greece and Spain.
Eurobarometer survey in 2014 placed Croatia just second to Greece for general feelings of poor and worsened working conditions in last five years. The result is 79 %, three points behind Greece.

Fire from radical left and right – “no” to austerity

Let’s not make a mistake of premature hope. Under the stern dominance of Germany over the European economies, fired up by Deutsche bank and millitarily backed by the USA, transatlantic dream of TTIP, a final push of neoliberalism in the Western hemisphere will not just give up. It will likely not give up at all. In 2013 Germany repatriated a large portion of its gold reserves held abroad, and in May 2014 Deutsche Bank announced plans to raise $11 billion in fresh capital. Atributted to other reasons (dollars and liquidity) it is all the same, an overwhelming power structure to stand up to for anyone. A different Europe, as Greek’s Syriza is advocating in the name of the true EU left, or definite “No” to Europe in general, according to Nigel Farage (UKIP) and the other right-wing hardliners – stands opposite against Goliath. Cutting austerity will do just fine, but what’s next?

Let’s indulge ourselves at least in one hope… Tomorrow is another day.
Even for small fish.

[1] Hrvatska demokratska zajednica is a Croatian right-wing party

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