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February 24, 2014
February 24, 2014

Save Greek Water campaign – Press release

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Save Greek Water campaign – Press release

On Monday, February 24, at 19.30, the initiative SAVEGREEKWATER against the privatisation of the water system in Greece presented the information campaign “Something’s up with the water”. Over 150 people attended the event, where the initiative and the actions of the SAVEGREEKWATER group were presented and then the 6 TV and 4 radio spots were screened and played.

The TV spots -which are to be progressively uploaded on the internet in the coming weeks- were created by young Greek filmmakers (Elena Dimitrakopoulou, Angelos Frantzis, Haris Stathopoulos, Savvas Katirtzidis, Pavlos Mafrikidis, Lefteris Haritos), each of whom saw, through their own creative look, the consequences of a risk that is more than real.

All the videos were shot with the voluntary participation of nearly 250 contributors and are only the first of the campaign, as other filmmakers and artists have also expressed their interest to join this collective effort.

During the event, members of our initiative highlighted, in their speech, the reasons that make necessary the public management of life’s most valuable natural resource. As pointed out, in cases of water privatisation, excessive price increases, mass infection, inadequate maintenance of networks and infrastructure, corruption and fraud, secret agreements and non-existent investments have been observed. Particular reference was made to the situation in Europe where the dominant trend now is returning the water supply systems back to the local authorities, as for example in France, homeland itself of several water management private companies, where cities, one after the other, go back to public water management – Paris being the most notable example.

The public very warmly welcomed this different and innovative effort of a team, which, with the help of more than 250 people, managed to give life to one of the most important issues of our times. All of us can help, by sharing knowledge and information, in order to inform everybody and win this battle for our water.

Paralell to the event presenting the campaign, in another corner of the city centre, where 500 signatures were gathered locally for the European Citizens’ Initiative right2water, members of SAVEGREEKWATER and employees of the Public Water Company of Athens informed those present n the risk of privatisation, the current situation in Greece and in Europe and on the opportunities for citizens action. This event was one of several planned in the city neighbourhoods alongside the online dissemination of the campaign.

More information on the campaign “Something’s up with the water”, the actions of the group, but also the documentation of our positions can be found on our website, where you can contact us, as well.

The campaign videos below:

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