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April 6, 2014
April 6, 2014

Spain: 29Μ – I also was at the Parliament… and I would do it again

Author: Ismael Guye Sancho Translator: Anna Papoutsi
Categories: On the crisis, Protest
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Spain: 29Μ – I also was at the Parliament… and I would do it again

On June 15, 2011 began the process to approve the budget with the first set of cuts for Catalonia, which has led to the closure of public enterprises, the privatisation of health cuts in culture, education, etc.

The protest “Surround the Parliament” against this budget (which took place two weeks after the violent eviction from Plaza Catalunya) resulted in a gathering before the Parliament. That day thousands of people tried to stop the Parliament and prevent the social drama that these political decisions cause.

Three years later, last Monday, March 31, began the trial of the 20 people arrested on the day of the attempted blockade of the Parliament of Catalonia on June 15, 2011. They are accused of crimes against high State Institutions getting even Clean Hands (neo-fascist union) to accuse them of Sedition and unlawful association.

As a show of support (and within the framework of the campaign “Disobedience 2014″) on March 29 thousands of people protested in the centre of Barcelona with slogans against the cuts, the legal reforms of the government (law on abortion, on public security, the Penal Code, the Immigration Law…) and against the political trials… What was the response of the state? The police crackdown.

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