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October 18, 2012
October 18, 2012

The diary of an antifascist

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The diary of an antifascist

Yesterday evening an immigrant robbed an old lady just five blocks from my neighborhood. The very next day at school my fascist schoolmate hit another student whose parents are immigrants. He was born and raised here; he speaks Greek and knows no other country besides Greece.

In Greece there is a large variety of people: the rich; the middle class; the poor. Many wealthy people steal, cheat, evade taxes, have the poor working for them for only a couple of Euros. Lots of poor people, Greeks and foreigners work all day and night for pittance.

Some of them steal, even kill in order to steal and they sell drugs. I, myself do not like criminals, neither do I like the rich who keep their money in Switzerland, so as not to pay taxes. The fascists always mess with immigrants because they are foreigners and as they claim it’s all their fault. I say that they mess with them because they are an easy target and they cannot take on the powerful. Besides, I know that hitting your classmate does not show strength but weakness. That poor old lady didn’t win any consolation by this act of vengeance and my classmate is looking at all of us suspiciously now.

And that’s how I lost a Greek friend and gained a fascist one.

The fascists always talk about the glorious Greek race and culture. But they don’t know history well and they actually know nothing about the work of the ancient Greeks. The best way to love your country is to defend it not in theory, but with actions. I have read that during the last war that our country faced, some people with no money, no weapons and no help from anyone, set up a rebellion army against the German invaders.

Others, called security battalions entered Hitler’s services, took guns and money, wore hoods, sneaked and fought the Greeks.

The fascists now consider those security battalions as patriots and they organize events in their memory.

The other day at school, something else happened. Helen, my classmate is loud and always speaks her mind; you know her mother is “leftist”. My fascist schoolmate hit her but I didn’t react. Well, it’s that sometimes Helen becomes annoying and I though “he did well”. Then I reconsidered it, but it was late, too late and I felt I have lost face.

And that’s how I lost a girlfriend and gained a fascist.

At the stadium, the fascists called the best player of our own national basketball team “ape” because he is from Africa. So our best player was truly offended and asked to be transferred.

And that’s how I lost our best player and gained a fascist.

The fascists promote hatred and cruelty. They loath and beat the foreigners, the women, the gay, the educated, the Democrats, and all free people. They hate whatever surpasses them and whatever they can’t understand. But whenever they come across an antifascist they run away. So lately with all those fascists I gained, I’ve started to watch what I say and hesitate to take sides.

And so just before I lose all my courage forever with the fear of the fascist in exchange I yell at you:



And that’s how I regained myself, losing only one fascist.

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