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September 25, 2012
September 25, 2012

The lull before the storm

Author: Yiota Ioannidou Translator: Lena Theodoropoulou
Source: All4Fun  Category: On the crisis
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The lull before the storm

Wake up those you are asleep but leave those who are dreaming

The tumble that we are experiencing seems to be bottomless. Since the country accepted the IMF bail-out we have forgotten how many times it has got close to default, a default that we see coming but deny to accept; a bankruptcy that they are trying to convince us we can avoid by taking ‘painful but necessary’ austerity measures. We have been ruined but this is not enough. More austerity measures are coming; and then there will be more; and then even more…

Although the coalition government is shambling, as a consequence of its pre-electoral commitments to renegotiation, limits and red lines vanishing the day after the election, the people seem numb, tolerant to those that have been constantly lying, showing at the same time an inclination towards fascist ideologies instead of moving fast towards radical and progressive choices.

Some people, being pessimistic, hustle to color the Greeks as slaves, subjects that tend to adopt fascist behaviours in a blind and pointless hatred. Maybe it is true that the anxiety of the summer was replaced by an autumn lull. For this inertia though there is both an interpretation and a reasoning: people are being pauperized mentally and financially, while at the same time they are becoming receivers-victims of an inexorable propaganda produced by the media supporting the government and the spokesmen, that includes a bit of everything:

– Discredit those that promise alternative solutions: A phenomenal attack to the Left is being attempted, as this is clearly the threat, through a vulgar equalisation of the left wing supporters with the Nazi bullies, through “theories of the extremes” and other dangerous flirtations with fascism. The systemic agents and their funders are trying to survive by all means.

As it’s only a few press material that host left-wing opinions, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to talk about some kind of media coup d’ état. As the vast majority is informed almost exclusively by the media of broad rating and circulation, the influence that is being exercised on it is obvious.

– Distraction of the people so that they don’t become conscious of those responsible for the drama, by choosing as a target a visible-proximate enemy: “It’s all the immigrants fault as they are taking our jobs” (but really which jobs?), it’s the “lazy” civil servants’ fault, “the shop-owner’s that didn’t give a receipt” and in general it’s all our fault as “we dared to live above our financial capabilities”. At the end of the day… “We spent it all together”.

Incrimination and an effort to turn people against each other, aiming at the dissolution of the social cohesion and the paralysis of the general resistance.

– Terrorism inside and outside the country, using the already tested, abject and extortive dilemma “euro or drachma”, when there is literally…no euro left

– Ridiculous communication games are taking place on a daily basis. All you have to do is open your eyes a little bit: The government (through the Finance Minister) leaks rumors that there will be extra poll tax; rumors that the government itself (through the Prime Minister) refutes a bit later, causing a general relief as “we avoided the worse”.

It is obvious that the communication specialists have replaced politicians since they have no arguments left. They pay back their personal “loans” and move on unrestrained towards the same mishit, leading the country to an even deeper deflation.

The more though the dead ends escalate, the more their words seem to be lame. Because, no matter how many media owners someone can mobilise, there is no way of convincing a starving person that they are full. The clashes will be inevitable. The power holders and the networks that define them know that and fear it; this is why they fiercely attack those that they regard as a threat: the Left. As if a day hasn’t gone by from the election they behave in exactly the same way: they are in pre-electoral fever and they can’t hide it.

This people, bombarded by avalanches of misinformation, dared, amid bursts of such communication mud, to attempt the reversal by giving unprecedented for the European standards power to the Left. It’s this same people that do not hesitate to drive away the fascist bully from their demonstration and stand against him.

These people are not doomed. It is up to all those who ARE NOT captured by the interests of those in high places to approach them and not to reject them; to understand them and to go their way, to troop and not to impute and discredit them; to stand beside them through organised movements of solidarity, information and awakening.

Always before the storm, tranquility prevails. In Portugal the mass protests forced the government to withdraw. Turning our gaze there with optimism, we hope that we will follow this victorious, insurrectional example.

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