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June 2, 2013
June 2, 2013

The Turkish revolt in pictures

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The Turkish revolt in pictures

Hundreds of police push past barricades in Istanbul’s Taksim Square and fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters, forcing many into a nearby park. Bulldozers and rubbish trucks clear up barricades. Police remove banners and replace them with a large Turkish flag and a banner with the picture of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the secular republic.

Footage of Turkish police shooting at protesters.

People of Gazi resisting the police with molotov coctails and fireworks!

June 5th, Rize. A group of political activists supporting the protesters were trapped in a building after being attacked by a crowd of 600 people. When a girl passed out and had to be transfered to the hospital, the crowd attacked even the ambulance. The scant  police presence -there to protect the.. building- did not help much. 

Police firing tear-gas inside a house.

Medics get the injured protesters into the mosque that is turned into a hospital. Police fires tear gas directly at them.

The police keeps firing tear gas at an injured protester inside the park.

June 3rd, Ankara. The police is firing tear gas against people who are going to work.

An unmarked police car runs over a protester behind a barricade.

Fatih Akin in support of the protesters: “The turkish media should be ashamed. These past few days, the turkish people are fighting for a cause and the media have not mentioned anything about it”.

The occupation of Gezi Park before it was attacked by the police.

The police is attacking the occupation  of Gezi Park.

The police water cannon directy aims and fires at a protester pushing him several meters away where he remains unconscious.

The protesters overtake the riot police.

May 31st, Istiklal, Istanbul. Protesters demanding the resignation of the government.

June 1st, Istanbul. Clashes between protesters and the police.

Taxim Square, Istanbul. A group of policemen attack and severely beat a peaceful protester even when he is on the floor.

Protesters bulding barricades in an effort to protect themselves form the attacks of the police.

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