Thursday 10th March 2016
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Posted On August 4, 2015

This is a collaborative ethnographic film about Skoros, an anti-consumerist collective in Exarcheia, Athens, that pret criptomonede run a space where people could come and give, take, or give and take goods and services without any norms [...]

Posted On December 1, 2015

With the help of Eugenio Losco, lawyer of the four Italians, we try to explain the charges and the situation that the nine arrested are facing, five of them in Greece -currently released with restrictions- and against whom [...]

Posted On June 14, 2015

What remains unknown is the role of the Greek Volunteer Guard (Elliniki Ethelontiki Froura-EEF), a group integrated in the regular Serbo-Bosnian army that took part in Srebrenica's capture and even placed the Greek, Byzantine and [...]

Posted On February 25, 2016

The European coalition of the inhumane – contriving to trap refugees in Greece – cannot go on. A humanitarian evacuation plan is urgently needed [...]

Geopolitical and saltele cluj power games with the refugees

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Ukraine: Interview with trading cryptocurrency Ricardo Marquina, director of “Ukraine, the year of chaos”

Posted On November 17, 2015

The climate of fear, generated by propaganda, leads one part of the Ukrainian society to want an open conflict with Russia, with the hope of receiving military help from NATO. Additionally, the far right sectors [...]

Posted On January 18, 2016

The coalition’s government drug strategy for 2010-2015 is a clear, straight-forward document that describes their intentions and plans as well as the changes that actually took place in the UK drug recovery system during the [...]