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September 30, 2013
September 30, 2013

Why is the government arresting the Nazis?

Author: Without reason or rhyme Translator: x-pressed
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Why is the government arresting the Nazis?

Let us look at four possibilities – analyses for the government’s move to arrest the Nazis:

1st Possibility: Pavlos Fyssas’ murder has awakened the antifascist reflexes of the Greek state, which decided to drastically intervene and put an end. This is a scenario for neoliberals like Bogdanos[1] and Atenistas[2]. The state has never shown any antifascist characteristics, be it active or idle. In fact the exact opposite is going on, so we can conclude that this possibility does not stand. It tops even the most in good wishful imagination.

2nd Possibility: The antifascist movement has scored a huge victory and, in combination with some internal disputes in the political system (especially in the centre right) forced the state to intervene. The typical left-wing need for victories and movements. The antifascist movement does exist, is becoming stronger and involves more and more people, but it cannot constrain the state into cutting off its right arm by dissolving Golden Dawn. Until now it could not even make the government put a limit to its own members who have been constantly paving the path for Golden Dawn, let alone dissolving the organisation.

3rd Possibility: Golden Dawn is stealing votes from New Democracy, hence New Democracy is throwing it out of the game in order to recover its lost votes. This statement is real. The fascists were indeed hiding for years within New Democracy and Golden Dawn was their chance to come to light. New Democracy wants them back. In combination with the Greek presidency of the EU and European reactions against Golden Dawn’s activities, the government cuts the organisation’s head temporarily, so that it can serve its long term goals.

4th Possibility: The government applies the theory of the two extremes. Very simply, the government corners Golden Dawn and when the show is over it will aim at making the other extreme “disappear” as well. Austerity policies are then left in the middle of the political spectrum, their supporters are presented as moderate and as the protectors of democracy and once more they turn against the left.

Kranidiotis[3] stated it clearly: after Golden Dawn, you are next. We will pretend that we finished with one extreme. Of course, the cores of the organisation will still exist, the poison they spilled in society will still exist, the huge percentage of Nazi in security bodies will still exist and will be used. But the real target will be the “others”: everything that is leftist/anarchist and looks like a movement. The other extreme.

The pictures of handcuffed neo-Nazis are very pleasant. They are the best thing to start your Sunday, with coffee, cigarette, and Michaloliakos’ face as he is being dragged to prison. Nevertheless, the government did not chase Golden Dawn for so long now because it was using it. The highest benefits for the government has not been the violence, but the racism and hate that Golden Dawn is spreading in society because they change the agenda. They obfuscate reality, something that today’s government and every government needs, in the same way that it needs the media. The state appears to be after Golden Dawn now, but when it´s over, it will turn against the Left. Even if they go after Golden Dawn for its crimes, it does not attack its ideas; on the contrary it endorses and encapsulates them largely. The confrontation of the other extreme though is another issue: the state hits decidedly there, as it did with the squats and the social centers. This attack is the one that has already been happening for a long time now, as we all can see. They do not intend to stop now, especially when the theory of the extremes is giving them the best excuse not to do so.

[1]Konstantinos Bogdanos is a journalist of the TV channel SKAI. In his first TV programme he invited the leader of Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos, in what ended up as a journalistic fiasco, since the representative of the nazi party took advantadge of the inexperience of the journalist and positionned himself very well in the debate.

[2]Atenistas are a voluntary group of people, a community of citizens in Athens, that with small scale interventions intend to improve the urban context, especially with regards to environmental, cultural and urbanistic issues.

[3]Failos Kranidiotis, lawyer, is a close friend and consultant of Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras and member of New Democracy’s Political Committee. He belongs to the right fraction of New Democracy and he is advocate of the theory of the two extremes that seeks to equalize leftist party SYRIZA with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. He has received considerable criticism for his provocative and extremist declarations, the most recent of which in Facebook which included the following: “The rabble of SYRIZA, of anti-systemics, and my bollocks, are attacking me with hate because I do not swear, I address the electoral base of the Golden Dawn, because I declare and I am a nationalist, and because I do not feel ANY awe for all these assholes”.

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