Sunday 05th July 2020
x-pressed | an open journal

About x-pressed

x-pressed emerged out of our need to create a space of reflection and action around the European crisis; it is an online multilingual platform to publish news and opinions, it is open, horizontal, self-managed and self-sustained. The articles are published simultaneously in many languages in order to remove the language barrier that often hinders communication between movements and struggles. Our goal is to create a network of reporters, translators and commentators that will contribute to the dissemination of knowledge on the European crisis, but also on the ways in which various grassroots movements have resisted.

The economic and political elites seized the opportunity presented by the 2008 financial crisis to quickly and aggressively impose austerity and extreme neo-liberal policies, unmasking their authoritarian nature. Fortunately, this caused the politicisation and radicalisation of people all around Europe and gave an unexpected and tremendous push to the anticapitalist movement. In this context, struggles, more often than not, put forward common demands and have the same causes, even when they emerge from different socio-political conditions. We want to bring closer social and political struggles and self-organised initiatives from different locations, and we do this by translating and disseminating news, opinions and calls to action.

Whether we are talking about police and state abuse or the opening up of new spaces for the movement, first we have to get the information across and raise awareness in order for people to react and resist or stand in solidarity with others; we also need to be aware and believe that there are alternative ways of organising in order to resist and claim what is ours; we need to understand and recognise that the problems are the same. x-pressed seeks to bring closer the struggles of migrants and workers, antifascists, activists on gender or environmental issues, and anyone who fights to take their life back and embody political change.

Solidarity is our only weapon.

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