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March 30, 2015
March 30, 2015

Spain: Police raided six occupied social centres and arrested 26 people

Translator: Anna Papoutsi
Source: El Diario  Category: Antifascism
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Spain: Police raided six occupied social centres and arrested 26 people

The moment of the arrest of 15 people in an occupied building of Madrid street Montseny

The Police conducted multiple raids today in 17 locations -six social centres included- in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Palencia and Granada. The Interior Ministry reported that the police has arrested 26 people. 12 of them are accused of “sabotage and placing explosive and incendiary devices”, and, based on this, they are being charged with “membership in an armed group”. The rest of the detainees, according to the police, are charged with “resisting arrest”.

The operation was conducted by the General Information Office at 6.00 in the morning. Among the raided social centres are the Quimera de Madrid in Lavapies and 13-14  de Vallecas, both in Madrid. There have also been raids elsewhere in this Madrid neighbourhood (Lavapiés), in Montseny Street, where the police was looking for one of the accused of  “membership in an armed gang” and ended up arresting 14 more comrades, according to the news outlet Diso Press.

The Chimera had just reopened its doors last Friday. The centre has stated that “as of 6:30 this morning the squat has been besieged, after the police knocked down the entrance door, searching for hours and taking material belonging to the social centre and the collectives that run it. The police has refused to show any type of court order or to give any explanation for what was happening”. The centre 13-14 de Vallecas has been in operation since June of last year: “We’ve squatted it. We took what we needed and we do not want to delegate to anyone the management of our lives”, they said in their statement.


Two agents of the General Information Office that raided the occupied social centre La Quimera de Madrid

The Interior Ministry claims that those arrested belong to the group Coordinated Anarchist Groups and had taken up residence in the premises which were raided. The operation was ordered by the National Court (Audiencia Nacional).

Three months ago, a similar operation in Barcelona ended with five people accused of terrorism and relations with anarchist movements; they were released after 124 days of detention. The National Court accused them of the same offences and applied to them the high security detention regime (FIES) which includes isolation, dispersion in different prisons across the country and controlled communications. The defence stated that the investigation is an ideological persecution and that the measure was disproportionate.

Solidarity demonstrations have been called today in many Spanish cities:
Madrid: Tirso Molina 19h
Bcn: Pl Mdo del Clot 20h
Palencia: Sub Gobierno 20h
Salamanca: Sub Gob 19h

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