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December 16, 2013
December 16, 2013

Barcelona: Solidarity event against the ecological destruction in Skouries, 20th of December

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Barcelona: Solidarity event against the ecological destruction in Skouries, 20th of December

The Antifascist Network for Greece invites you to a solidarity event against the ecological destruction that is going to take place on Friday, 20th of December, in Barcelona.

Talks and debates, Screenings of documentaries, Food and Concerts!



In Greece, a crime is being committed. Under the pretext of the economic crisis, the environment, human rights and dignity, democracy, freedom of expression, quality of life are being sacrificed in the name of companies’ interests and political ambitions masked under neoliberal capitalist policies that manifest themselves in the most inhuman way in contemporary Greece.

Ιn Chalkidiki, people have been feeling the consequences of “’Save-the-country-at-any-cost” polities for a long time. A political strategy of  “clearance sale” at any cost is being imposed at the expense of human lives, human rights, and the environment.

A mega-mining project that threatens to destroy a forest of exceptional beauty and ecological value is about to commence in that land. Such a project threatens to contaminate the underground water reserves, the air, the earth and the sea. It puts the economic activities of local people at risk, along with the future of their children.

The social movement united in resistance against these destructive plans faces the government’s forceful repression, police violence, persecution, imprisonment, defamation, censure, and criminalisation. However, in spite of all that, the people go on strong. The people insist in claiming actively their right to live and dream.

As the committees in Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki themselves claim: “Our power stems from our love for our land, for our cultural and natural space. Our power is our unity in this fight for life. Our power is solidarity. Only united and in solidarity can we achieve a decent present and a better future”.

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