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April 10, 2014
April 10, 2014

Fascism Inc.

Author: x-pressed
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Fascism Inc.

Tonight at 19:00 (Central European Time) you can watch the premiere of the documentary Fascism Inc in over 100 theatres in many European cities (find all the screenings here).

You can also watch it online on x-pressed and the other collaborating sites (Efsyn, Ellinofreneia, ERT Open, Unfollow, Omnia TV).

The documentary is looking into the role played by entrepreneurs and politicians in the rise of fascism since the days of Hitler and Mussolini to the years of the EU and the bailouts. Discussing with renowned historians and journalists like Tariq Ali, G. Margaritis, the Sp. Marketos etc, the creators seek the true face of modern fascism, behind and beyond swastikas and neo-Nazi cells growing in Greece and throughout Europe.

The new documentary by INFOWAR productions was financed solely by the viewers, from student unions, workers and dozens antifascist initiatives across Europe and is available for free and unrestricted use.

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  1. Grant Fisher 2014/04/11 at 00:32

    Very well done and informative. Here, in the USA, the significant role played by neo-fascist forces (in Greece, the Ukraine, Hungary, for example) is heavily downplayed by the mainstream media, when it is not altogether ignored. We have our own crypto-fascist movement here in the guise of the Tea Party which has all but taken control of the Republican Party. I wish the role of the US (Truman Doctrine and NATO) had been examined more fully.

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