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October 14, 2013
October 14, 2013

Portugal: El movimiento “Fuck the Troika”

Author: Sofia Tipaldou
Category: Protest
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Portugal: El movimiento “Fuck the Troika”

The Portuguese movement “Que se Lixe a Troika” (“Fuck the Troika”) is a powerful, grassroots movement against the IMF, ECB, and EU imposed austerity measures – as its name proudly states.

“Que se Lixe a Troika” made its first appearance in September 2012 and ever since its presence is becoming every time more visible on Portugal’s streets.

In one of the most humorous protests we are aware of, some dozens of its militants burst into laughter during the book presentation of Finance Minister, Vítor Gaspar, “Eight Centuries of Financial Craziness” (the Minister probably has a different opinion). The laugher soon turned into cries for the Finance Minister to resign.

During the national Portuguese holiday of October 5th for the discovery of America, “Que se Lixe a Troika” made a grandiose meeting, calling the country’s President and Prime Minister to resign.

The movement will continue its struggle with further demos across the country on October 19th and October 26th, in collaboration with the biggest labour unions CGPT and the Union Against Insecure Labour – the manifest of which follows:

Fuck the troika! There are no dead ends!
It is time to act.
We know that the regime of austerity in which we are sinking is not, and will not be a solution. We again state that we do not accept inevitabilities. In a democracy they do not exist.

It is time for simple choices. Education for all or only for some? Public health or scourge? Public transport or ghetto? Constitution or troika’s Memorandum? Culture or ignorance? Pensions and decent wages or permanent misery?
We or the troika?

Sectors vital to our survival are being delivered to bankers and speculators, which will reduce them to profit: water, energy, transport, forestry, telecommunications. They want to force us to give up what we have built: Health, Education, the most basic rights such as housing, food, work and rest from work.
The troika and the governments that serve it want to discard the dream of generations for a freer and more equal society.

We call all of you who are tired of watching their lives get worse and emptier to join us in the demonstration of October 26th.
The demonstration will be another crucial step of resistance against the government and the troika!

There are no dead ends”.

(Text approved in the open plenary held on September 22, at Teatro do Bairro, Lisbon)

Que se lixe a troika!

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