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November 12, 2012
November 12, 2012

Golden Dawn in Italy: founded in Trieste a branch of the Greek pro-Nazi movement

Author: Marco Pasqua Translator: Lorena D’Agostino
Source: Huffingtonpost  Category: Antifascism
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Golden Dawn in Italy: founded in Trieste a branch of the Greek pro-Nazi movement

Golden Dawn, the Greek xenophobic and anti-Semitic Nazi movement, now also “speaks” Italian. A campaign of contacts, this time on the web (Facebook, Twitter and official website), officially launched the Italian branch of the extremist party that is violently fighting against the presence of immigrants through vengeful campaigns. The promoter of Alba Dorata Italy is a former militant of Forza Nuova, the neo-fascist formation that has been collaborating with Greeks for quite some time. The adherents of the Greek neo-Nazis are ambitious: they want to run for the upcoming National Election. “The polls are on our side,” the leaders say, confident after the acceptance that their Greek colleagues received (21 elected members in the Parliament).

The Italian website was registered a few days ago (November 4th) by Alessandro Gardossi (born 1968), from Trieste , who named himself leader of the Italian party. He is a former regional leader of the neo-fascists of Forza Nuova and also an acquaintance of Domenico Scilipoti[1] (until a rather stormy breakup). Gardossi’s Facebook profile is full of anti-Semitic and racist insults. He claims having arranged everything concerning the registration of party logo. At the same time, contacts with the fascists of Terzo Millennio (Third Millennium) of CasaPound[2] are also underway, although it is difficult to believe that Gianluca Iannone, very jealous of the identity of the Roman movement, would accept a partnership. Given the past of the founder, an agreement with Forza Nuova is more likely. “Signing up is very simple –as it is explained on the official website– just send us an e-mail with name, surname, date of birth and social security number. We will send a PDF file with your electronic card and the number of your membership. You can choose to be an ordinary member, supporter or honorary member. You must know that for each member you bring into our organization, you will be granted 40% share of his registration as a reward.”

The project: The political party “Alba Dorata” was officially registered at the Internal Revenue Agency of Trieste on October 25th. “As Mr. Beppe Grillo[3] has foreseen: ‘if we do not win, Alba Dorata will come’, the party was officially registered two days before the election in Sicily”, we are informed by its founders, who in the “manifesto” attack the current government: “Alba Dorata, like all Italians, hears only talks about taxes, penalties, austerity and sacrifices. We are instead in favour of prosperity, well-being, happiness of the citizens who identify with the State, which is seen as honest and unpolluted by speculators or their followers”. One of the enemies is identified in banks: “Alba Dorata knows that the ‘crisis’ was triggered by the greed of U.S. commercial banks. Governments, well-paid by bankers, decided to bail-out the banks with the money of citizens, dramatically impoverishing the nations involved in this scam of the century. A huge bluff, which will only fail if  people revolt. A revolution that will most likely result in blood legitimising the government use of force.”

The economic recipe of Italian neo-Nazis also includes the re-introduction of the Lira: “Alba Dorata plans to pay creditors with the Lira (printed on purpose, the currency of the State), but it shall only be used in Italy for Italian goods. We no longer have the need for a foreign currency such as the euro or the dollar to buy raw materials because we will not buy or sell anything anymore for the necessary period”. Plans to reform the Italian judicial system are also included, based on the civil accountability of judges[4]. Not only that; in order to solve the overcrowding in prisons, since “60% of detainees are foreigners”, they must serve their sentence in their home countries.

Social Network. While in Greece Facebook decided to ban the profiles of Golden Dawn MPs, on the Italian page –about 800 members, a few days after its creation– there are references to Mussolini (“dear Benito you must know that we will pursue what you wanted”), attacks on Monti, the banks and Fornero[5] (the latter is referred to several times as “damned reptile”). A list of the different forms of immigration, against which all members of the movement will of course have to fight, is also included.  “The Chinese –for example– are entering vital parts of the Federation and the world with a precise expansionist plan of their own country and their banks; to undermine the Christian foundations of the Italian Confederation and of Europe. Often this immigration specialises in the field of hallucinogenic substances. Immigration from South and Central America is dictated both by the economic situation and the international drug trafficking”. “As we see, they all have their reasons, more or less valid, to land on our sacred soil but now the question is this: why does all the evil of the world and its devastating consequences have to fall on us?” the Italian neo-Nazis ask rhetorically. In Greece, the gangs of Golden Dawn have dealt with the “problem” organising bloody vengeful expeditions against (legal or illegal) immigrants.
[1] An Italian MP who betrayed his party and turned to support last Berlusconi government (May 2008 – November 2011) with few other MPs, de facto guaranteeing the survival of the majority before the current government lead by Mario Monti. Scilipoti has been accused of having received money in exchange for his vote.

[2] CasaPound is a fascist-inspired association, which has founded the first radical right-wing social community center in Roma in 2003 by occupying a building in the capital city.

[3] Beppe Grillo (www.beppegrillo.it) is the leader of a new political movement (http://www.beppegrillo.it/movimento/) who propose to substitute current political parties with a form of direct democracy. This movement has been accused to be populist and demagogic. In the last election for the Sicilian Parliament, the Movimento 5 Stelle obtained 18.5% of seats and it is estimated to attain about 20% in next national elections on February 2013.

[4] Such accountability would require that when judges make mistakes during investigation or trials, they can be sued in civil proceedings.

[5] Elsa Fornero is Minister of Labour and Social Policy.

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