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January 26, 2014
January 26, 2014

Greece, Farmakonisi: If they had more time they would have killed us all

Author: Fotini Lampridi Translator: x-pressed
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Greece, Farmakonisi: If they had more time they would have killed us all

How is it that only men were saved?, a journalist asked Abdol Sabur Azizi, EHsanula Sufi and Fada Mohumad Ahmadi only to get the following answer: “God saved us. The Greek Coast Guard saw the Turkish vessels and panicked.  If they had more time they would have killed us all”.

Three of the refugees who survived the tragedy in Farmakonisi spoke on Saturday at the Syntagma Square. They reiterated some events we have read and heard on the media. However, the storytelling was different because it was not fragmented and it outlined the events so explicitly that left no doubt that a crime had been committed having both perpetrators and instigators.


Visibly debilitated, they explained again and again that more than their grief and their personal drama, it is important that the truth comes out. “Let them bring psychologists to listen to us, to judge if we are lying. It was us out there, not the minister. Our only request is that the bodies of our people are found”.

“The Coast Guard tried to tow us to Turkey and, due to the rough seas and the panic that prevailed, people fell into the sea”

“The boat with our women and children was sinking and they were shooting in the air and screaming “fuck you, we’ll kill you all”. Then, my wife and my children were in the sea and I begged for a life jacket to save them. They were swearing at me. They did not let me save my people. When I realised that they would get drown, I asked them to kill me, too”.

“Then we were brought to the island. They took us to a luxury restaurant, to keep up appearances.  It did not last long. Then we were thrown in holding cells, where we stayed for hours in our clothes still wet and the policemen beating us. I’ve been in other European countries, nowhere have I met this kind of police”.

“We were brought a lot of paperwork to sign, without an interpreter, without anything. When they brought interpreters, they were totally unfit, they were Persian- speaking. They did not understand what we were saying. When a representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees came, the process changed, they wanted to show that they had saved us”.

“Now they say that we thanked them, them, those who killed our children and women, for saving us. We did not thank them, we were crying and asking for their bodies”.


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