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November 8, 2013
November 8, 2013

Barcelona: Catalοnia bans plastic bullets

Author: Konstantia Nikopoulou Translator: Anna Papoutsi
Category: Protest
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Barcelona: Catalοnia bans plastic bullets

Friends of Ester Quintana, the woman who was injured in Barcelona after the protest of the 14th of November 2012 (14N) and that lost the vision in her left eye during the riots.

This morning the Parliament of Cataluña banned the use of plastic bullets by the Catalan riot police (Mossos). This ban is the result of the campaigns #stopbalesdegoma and #ojocontuojo and the local social movements that fought against police brutality following the case of Esther Quintana who lost her eye during the protest of 14th of November 2012. The ban comes in a moment in which the critique against the repression, the violence and the impunity of the Mossos is escalating after the incidents that have taken in the last days (the death of #JuanAndrésBenítez in a police beating and the charges against various police officers for malpractice). Today citizens and collectives organised an “escrache”, (harassment) against Manel Prat, the head of the Mossos, asking him to resign (#pratdimissio).
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