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July 21, 2013
July 21, 2013

Promote dignity in Greece (VIDEO)

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Promote dignity in Greece (VIDEO)


Greece has become a symbol of the western world’s retrocession on all levels during the last few years. Inspired by the campaign “Promote Greece” that aims to show Greece’s nice face to the world, we aim to go a step further: to stop camouflaging the misery of Greek society with beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets. To stop lying about Greek hospitality. To disconnect modern Greek democracy from its ancient roots.

Economy is not the main problem; democracy is!

The real problem is about:

– how political elites have taken unpopular and undemocratic measures.

– the thousands of lay-offs of public servants, in order to meet Troika’s instructions and get the next loan, sorry “rescue package”.

– how the rulers pass new law amendments that will bring more misery in society, with compendious processes without even discussing them in the Parliament.

– the fact that parliamentarians admitted not to have even read the prerequisites of the austerity measures before voting for them; instead they voted on the principle of party discipline.

– the entrance in the Parliament of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, the racist pogroms its members were proven to participate in, and the public antidemocratic attitudes of its parliamentarians (the beating up of Parliamentarians in the TV studio, the threatening of Athens’ mayor with a gun, etc.) [1].

– the rise of xenophobia among Greeks that leads to a further empowerment of Golden Dawn, making it the third political power with a 15% support.

– the cover that the conservative government offers to the neo-Nazi party and the political flirting with radical right wing policies in order to attract Golden Dawn voters. Like the detention of U.S. African-American citizens by police authorities conducting sweeps for undocumented migrants [2].

– the shutting down of the public broadcaster (ERT) in one day and the defiance of the court ruling that demanded its immediate re-opening [3].

– the creation of a grotesque and improvised new public television that broadcasts from a private TV company guarded day and night by riot police.

– the continuation of an unequal environmental destruction caused by the goldmine in Skouries, sold to a company of Canadian interests and the silencing of the continued demonstrations against the subsequent region’s pollution (Chalkidiki) [4].

– the brutal police repression to protesters that try to reclaim their jobs and a future for their children [5].

– the exemplary state punishment of dissidents; a state that does not hesitate to keep its opponents illegally imprisoned [6].

– the censoring of the projection of images of poverty on the grounds that it damages the country’s image.

– the censoring of thought, by arresting citizens or muting art performances that “provoke religion”.

– the newly formed detention camps designed to resolve the problem of illegal migration, officially called “hospitality centers for immigrants”, where asylum-seekers and immigrants find themselves in inadmissible conditions after they have already faced “excessive police violence” during their entrance in the country, according to Amnesty International [7].

– the results of their austerity policies:

  • unemployment increase (26.8% in March 2013 , 60% youth unemployment),
  • migration increase from Greece abroad (rise of mobility within the EU by 170% from 2008 to 2012),
  • racist violence increase (154 attacks in 2012 according to UN),
  • HIV increase (200% since 2011),
  • homeless increase (25% from 2009 to 2012),
  • poverty increase (20% of the Greek people live below the poverty line)
  • corruption increase (94th place in 176 countries)

Let us promote democracy and start taking into consideration the human beings whose daily existence is at play. Only this way a comprehensive economic solution will be possible and Greece will be able to restore its image to its own inhabitants, to the immigrants and asylum-seekers it hosts, and finally to the rest of the world.

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