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December 17, 2014
December 17, 2014

Spain: Judge orders the detention of 7 of the 11 arrested in Operation Pandora

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Source: La Directa  Category: Antifascism
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Spain: Judge orders the detention of 7 of the 11 arrested in Operation Pandora

Using the server or reading the book “Contra la democràcia” (“Against democracy”) are evidence used in order to justify their detention.

At 17.30 in the evening, the 11 arrested of Operation Pandora were brought in front of the judge Javier Gómez Bermúdez. At the request of the prosecutor, the judge agreed to the preventive detention of 7 of them and the release of the other 4. The same evening, they were transferred to the Soto del Real prison, in the vicinity of the city of Madrid. The judge also decided to keep the summary judgement secret and, therefore, the lawyers have not been able to discover the content of the police reports prepared that form the basis of the charges.

What has been made public is the judicial decree detailing the charges of the supposed crimes: incorporation, promotion, management of and membership in a terrorist organisation, possession and storage of devices or explosives and flammables, incendiary or asphyxiating, as well as the damage and destruction with terrorist purpose. Gómez Bermúdez, referring to the investigation initiated two years ago by the Mossos (Catalan Police) in relation to the “Grupos Anarquistas Coordinados – GAC” (“Coordinated Anarchist Groups”) he says, “it is concluded that its members could be allegedly the perpetrators of several attacks with home-made explosive devices throughout the country”. He explains that “17 camping-gas canisters were found and, despite the claims of the owner that they are meant for the camping gear that can be found in his van, the storage of hazardous material in such quantities at home does not seem logical.”

According to the reports prepared by the Central Information Division of the Mossos (the unit responsible for monitoring anarchist groups), which are also mentioned in the summary judgement, “during the investigation we confirmed the existence of bureaucratic and internal organisational structure, the production of publications and forms of communication”. It is also added as an indication the fact that the book “Contra la democràcia” (“Against democracy”) was distributed to members of the anarchist group and that the defendants “used emails with extreme security measures, such as the server RISE UP”. It is also considered relevant that the alleged bombings attempts attributed to GAC “had been disseminated through websites with content related to the organisation”. In a report attached to the case file entitled “Assessment of relevant evidence in support of the view that GAC is an organisation with terrorist aims”, it is said that there are dozens of signs both of “ideological unity and of the strategy to destabilise the state and seriously disturb public peace”.

Dozens of friends and relatives of the detainees gathered and remained all day at the gates of the National Court, until the police forced them to disperse because they were holding an unannounced protest. Later they all got IDed.

For his part, in his statement to La Directa, Jaume Asens, the lawyers of one of those arrested in Operation Pandora, denounces the lack of transparency in the entire case and claims that his client had to give a statement today without knowing what he was accused of.: “both the Mossos and the Prosecutor speak of terrorism without specifying concrete criminal acts, or concrete individualised facts attributed to each of them”. Asens says that this is a “disgrace for the police and the judicial system”. Tonight and tomorrow protests have been called against the entire operation.


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