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September 20, 2012
September 20, 2012

Spain: The hidden face of the ruling party’s PP ministers

Author: Solosequenosenada Translator: Sara R. Romo
Source: Solosequenosenada  Category: On the crisis
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Spain: The hidden face of the ruling party’s PP ministers

What few media explain is who these people really are and what is the reason of their appointment. Some will find that the following list is a joke but unfortunately it is completely real.


Luis de Guindos: Minister of Economics and Competitiveness. Even though it sounds unbelievable, this man was the president in Spain and Portugal of Lehman Brothers (the bank that failed and triggered the crisis in which we are found). Maybe this is why they are not in prison; those responsible for the crisis were made ministers. The bankruptcy of the company presided by Luis de Guindos caused a hole of €2.6 billion in Spain. According to him, he is trying to end collective bargaining in Spain and he also wants the state to take over the real estate toxic finances so as to “clean” the system (ie for the citizens to pay his mistakes). De Guindos, just hours after the victory of the People’s Party (PP), participated in a seminar of the FAES foundation in which things like the following were heard: “The problem is the state”, “we should privatise public companies, lower firing costs, eliminate all public agencies”. “We must change the system of financing the pensions and introduce free market at a much higher level in the economy”. As they say in the web Rebellion, he is currently the director of the Instituto de Empresa [1] and he is also on the Boards of Directors of Endesa, Unedisa (the publishing house of El Mundo and Expansion) and of the Bank Mare Nostrum (BMN, led by Caja Murcia).


Pedro Morenés: Minister of Defence. Very religious person and close to Opus Dei (source: País). A month before the general election in Spain, he was a (legal) arms dealer and the consultant in Spain of the pan-European company MBDA that manufactures missiles; he was also a consultant of a company called Segur Ibérica, the security company that defends Spanish fishermen who have caused the disappearance of the fish of traditional Somali fishermen forcing them to become pirates. Interestingly, these two companies provide weapons to the Spanish Armed Forces (the ministry he now chairs). This is insane, becoming head of his main customer in order to buy with public MONEY more “toys” from his former company. He was also the director and representative of the Spanish arms-dealing company called Instalaza SA. According to The New York Times, one of his companies was the one who sold cluster bombs to Gaddafi in 2008, which were used to massacre the Libyan people.


Arias Cañete: Minister of Environment and Agriculture. He served as consultant during the Franco era until 1978 when he devoted himself to politics. Specialist in blunder, he maintained that the Ebro transfer was to be executed by force, he defended eating steaks during the mad cow crisis, he advocated the integration of migrants, saying they did not even know how to wait tables in restaurants, or that if the ER was collapsing, it was not because of the lack of funds but because of these migrants. He has seven cars and millions in oil investments (over €325,000); he received €43,122 in oil dividends of the Ducar refinery (a minister of environment earning money from an oil company, amazing), Mafre, BBVA and Santander.


Cristobal Montoro: Spanish Minister of Finance and Public Administration. He is the main responsible for the decrease of salaries in Spain (he calls it “wage restraint”), for the laws that make lay-offs easier (he calls it “labour flexibility”) and for the destruction of labour rights acquired in the past 100 years. In July 2012, the news came out that he gains €1,823 for sustenance (this is given to MPs who live outside Madrid); the problem is that he owns three apartments in Madrid. He was an adviser to a leading company in renewable energy and recently managed to grant Abengoa tax discount of €7 billion per year. The case was so blatant that the Minister of Industry (look who’s talking), during a cabinet meeting in Montoro, accused him of blatantly favouring his former company.


Jorge Fernandez Diaz: Minister of Interior. A very religious person and supernumerary member of Opus Dei (source: ABC, País). In order to understand a little better his mentality, this man thinks that the Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen, where the dictator Francisco Franco built a monstrous monument to himself and his future tomb using slave labour from the side that lost the Spanish Civil War) should be equated with the Normandy Cemetery and Memorial.


Ana Mato: Minister of Health. She is connected with Opus Dei (source: País), very good friend of José María Aznar. In 2008 she said during an interview in Punto Radio that “Andalusian children are practically illiterate”. In 2011 she came back saying that “Andalusian children were taught on the ground” presenting a photo in which the teacher was telling a story to the students who were sitting on the floor. She owes €196,000 for two bank loans from BBVA. Among her main objectives is not that health is truly public, but to change the “abortion law”, to ban stem cell research (which could be useful for example for curing some disabilities) and cancel the “dependence law” (economic aid –scarce– for those who have under their care dependent individuals such as disabled or elderly people with Alzheimer’s). Her ex-husband, Jesús Sepúlveda, is related to the Gürtel conspiracy who was paying him on a monthly basis, but she claimed to the newspaper El Mundo that she knew nothing, despite having a joint bank account that remained active after their separation.


José Manuel García-Margallo: Minister of Foreign Affairs and very close to Opus Dei (source: aquiconfidencial). He was one of the founders of the People’s Party in 1976 (along with Pio Cabanillas and José María de Areilza, both senior officials of Franco) and later of the Democratic Centre that ended up becoming the UCD of Adolfo Suárez. The first thing he did as Minister was to appoint all his faithful friends of PP as ambassadors and to other high positions.


Ana Pastor: Minister of Public Works. She is very religious and a sympathiser Opus Dei of (source: genoveses). She is obsessed with changing the abortion law. She belongs to the FAES Foundation (whose President is Aznar) and she is a close friend of Rajoy. In 1997 she was the political godmother of Javier Rodrigo de Santos, an ultra-Catholic who was catapulted as a delegate in the Balearic and who ended up being Town Planning Consultant in Palma de Mallorca for the PP. Who does not remember this man who was so Catholic that he hated gays and refused to marry them while wasting €50,804 of public money in local male prostitution and who was also convicted of child abuse.


José María Azn… sorry, José Manuel Soria: Minister of Industry and Energy. Responsible for a web of urban corruption in the Canary Islands and in four corruption scandals such as the cases of Faycan, Bango, Salmon and Eólico. He was the spokesperson of the government in the defence of the change of the law on the election of the director of RTVE; with Zapatero the director was appointed through a three-fifths agreement in the House of Representatives, but with this new law, the PP can appoint whoever with its absolute majority (and it´s what they have done, they chosne a fan of PP and destroyed the best television in Spain). On the other hand, one of the first decisions of J. Manuel Soria, was to extend until 2019 the life of the Garoña nuclear power plant, when in theory the maximum life was until 2011. Recall that the Garoña nuclear power plant is exactly the same model as the Japanese nuclear power plant of Fukushima, the same reactor which exploded in 2011.


J. Ignacio Wert: Minister of Education and Culture (and sports). He is the expert of PP in manipulation; when they have a big problem he knows how to deceive people and make the problem disappear. He is good at advising in these areas, since he has worked in positions as diverse as President of Demoscopia (private polling institute), head of research services at RTVE, professor of sociology at the University, President of ESOMAR (researchers in Review market), etc. To get an idea of ​​his ideology, he eliminated the subject called “Civil Education” and has favoured religious schools which mostly belong to Opus Dei. In this line of work his partner, Edurne Uriarte, is no stranger. Deputy Chairman of Francisco Gonzalez in BBVA.


Fatima Banez: Minister of Employment. She firmly believes that to create jobs, we must lower taxes on businesses (eg Telefónica, Endesa, etc). We do not know if it is the Opus Dei, but in June 2012 she said that the “Virgen del Rocio will help to overcome the crisis”, so one can already get an idea of ​​her quality. Doe she also expect to create employment by praying to Virgin Mary?

Seeing the panorama we can predict what will happen in Spain, the banks will gain more power than they already have, we will join any war for any excuse to buy more weapons and in double the normal price, the creation of more nuclear power stations will be promoted , work will become more precarious and temporary, public health progressively will be privatised, anything “cultural” that is for free will be criminalised… or has this already been done?

The icing on the cake, the new director of TVE (Spanish Television), Julio Somoano, was the anchorman of the news of Tele Madrid, known to be a manipulator to the benefit the People’s Party. After all, his master´s thesis at the University of Barcelona presented in 2005, was entitled “Communication Strategy for the victory of the Popular Party in the next general election” and iin it he explains in great detail how to manipulate information so that the Popular Party wins votes.

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