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December 6, 2012
December 6, 2012

The EU does not recognise Portugal

Author: O Jumento Translator: Vera Pinheiro
Source: O Jumento  Category: On the crisis
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The EU does not recognise Portugal

It is understandable that Mrs. Merkel is not familiar with the history of the European integration ; she was living in the GDR (German Democratic Republic) and her extremism can be understood as a result of decades of frozen right-wing ideology of the eastern-European countries. But the same is unacceptable for the European Commission, who is leading the troika and has created, in its obscure cabinets, a school of economics that would be the envy of Mengele’s lab in Auschwitz. Especially because at the head of the EU there is a man, member of a government whose Prime Minister had been managing the EU funds for ten years and, before that, had eliminated the economic competitiveness with a campaign of financial readjustment which has brought us in front of the IMF’s door.

The EU does not recognise Portugal? But wasn’t the high-speed train an EU promotion, co-funded by the EU itself, its lines approved in Brussels? Wasn’t the European Commission the one to repeatedly put pressure –the same type of pressure and blackmail that is using now to appease the country in the face of these innovative neo-fascist economic experiments? Wasn’t the European Commission the one to warn us that the funds for the high-speed train could not be diverted to anything else but that?

Wasn’t the European Commission the one who took advantage of the Portuguese under-development and the opportunism of our government –an expert in Community begging– to force the country, in exchange for gratuities, to rescind on its productive capacity in traditional sectors? Wasn’t it also the one who paid for scrapping the fishing fleets, grubbing-up vines, abandoning many agricultural enterprises, and commercially removing many national plant species?

Wasn’t the European Commission the one who negotiated, within the scope of Gatt[1], the dismantling tariff in order to promote globalisation and exports from more industrialised countries to China in exchange for textiles and footwear imports? It was doing so while Germany was getting wealthier exporting luxury cars, winking at the social dumping or the under-invoicing of China; and now the EU is actually forcing us to strategically sell our industries to the Chinese Communist Party, using Portugal as an example of the union’s openness to the corrupt Chinese communist investments in Europe.

Wasn’t the EU that turned a blind eye to the corruption that was diverting the Community funds designated to ensure the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy? How many investigations has the EU conducted to clear the rather non-transparent way in which some Community funds were spent and about which so many times the Portuguese media talk about? The corruption in Portugal has benefited from the tacit support of the EU, since the funds that were first diverted towards corruption were quickly reverted back to the Community partners in the form of capital goods. After all, Durão Barroso is the current President of the Commission and in the past he was the Prime Minister of a government that bought submarines in a business that the German justice itself considered as corrupt.

With the behavior of extremist economists in both the European Commission and the ECB, Portuguese integration will enter the annals of the shameless political and economic history of Europe; a history of dirty tricks, opportunism, use and abuse of power by the most powerful countries in Europe, and Brussels’ parasitic and neo-fascist bureaucracy.


[1] General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

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