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February 19, 2014
February 19, 2014

Ukraine, Lviv: What I saw over the last seven hours. A report.

Author: Otar Dovzhenko Translator: Zbigniew Wojnowski
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Ukraine, Lviv: What I saw over the last seven hours. A report.

I saw ten thousand people burn a military unit that they had been blocking for the previous month – they went inside, disarmed 300 internal security soldiers, and took their ammunition to the Maidan. No need to bother travelling anywhere.

By the regional prosecutor I saw a fire two-storeys high, and I saw Shevchenko Avenue littered with criminal files thrown out of the windows.

I saw people burning documents near the barricaded Lviv regional headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the chief pig of the oblast, Rudyak, standing calmly in a corridor surrounded by the insurgents (respect).

I saw toppled and damaged police cars nearby the menacing police station on Martovych street, which has been completely and utterly shattered. The boys took it out for all their wrongs.

I saw the captured Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) offices. I saw the wiretapping machine burn – as they told me without regret, it costs half a million dollars. And I saw all sorts of things inside the SBU headquarters.

From the top-floor balcony of the Frankivskyi police station I saw people shouting ‘Glory to Ukraine’ as they burned documents. To be honest, I do not really like that they burned everything. But it is an opportunity to start with a clean slate, at least in this region.

I saw the tax offices that the administration had given up without a fight as they asked people not to destroy anything. But the activists found this place boring and moved on.

I saw from the inside the military unit on Stryiska street, where the fire was already dying down. And the internal security soldiers walking side-by-side with the activists, sharing cigarettes and discussing what will happen next.

I saw the unperturbed guys at the Truskavetska/Kniagyni Olgi checkpoint, where everyone is asleep despite the fact that the military unit nextdoor is on fire.

I do not know what the morning will bring or how we will live, but I know for a fact that the power of the Yanukovych regime in Lviv is no more, and that makes me happy.


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  1. Analisis 2014/02/22 at 21:30

    I think your article is plagued by sensacionalism. Its full of emotions of being there and tell the things you see, but its so superficial and has no anilisis of the things that happend. When I enter here I hope to know about these news that says about nacionalists and fascist people or groups in the riots in Kiev, a little of anilisis that in mass media don’t appear. You don’t say anything of that. I think that in this case and in more other cases like Libia, Siria, etc… we don’t just show the things like they seem, we have to explain the background of all conflict and all the sides that are part of that.

  2. Sofia 2014/02/22 at 22:05

    Yes, definitely, but that is actually the difference between a “report” and an “analysis”.

    For an insight into Euromaidan, I would rather recommend you this one:

    and this other:

    And stay tuned, because we are working on some new ones.

  3. nmb 2014/03/05 at 00:47

    The closed system of the biggest black market

    Legal US dollars are printed illegally to fund riots

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