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June 23, 2013
June 23, 2013

Water is not for sale after all…

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Water is not for sale after all…

The initiative Right2Water and the European Citizens Initiative managed a strategic blow to the neo-liberal policies that are after water.

However, “water is not being privatized in the EU”, Michel Barnier, Commissioner responsible for the internal market and services, stated, in response to the 1.5 million signatures that Right2Water managed to gather asking not to proceed with the privatisation of the water and sewage grid.

In fact, he added that this was among the priorities of the Commission, leaving the ongoing privatisation process of the water grid in Greece hanging.

Help the European Citizens Initiative reach 2 million signatures so that they are able to block any other similar attempt in Europe.

Please sign and share the campaign.

Read the complete Commission’s statement here.

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