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March 31, 2013
March 31, 2013

When Golden Dawn joined the international neo-Nazi New European Order and the “Barcelona Declaration”,1981

Author: Kleon Ioannides Translator: Eleni Nicolaou
Source: XYZ Contagion  Category: Antifascism
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When Golden Dawn joined the international neo-Nazi New European Order and the “Barcelona Declaration”,1981

A revelation about the Nazi past of Golden Dawn

It is known that Golden Dawn is an active and equal member of the European National Front (ENF) [1], a relatively recent informal Fascist International [2], which coordinates and represents fascist parties and organisations from 13 European countries and was founded in 2004 with an eye on the European election of that year. However, neither its voters nor its members, not even its executives know that Golden Dawn had, since its very beginning in 1981, joined the extreme National Socialist (black) International named New European Order.

Brief history

New European Order, the neo-nazi nationalist pan-European alliance was created in 1951 and had emerged as a breakdown of an earlier pan-European neo-nazi alliance, the “Europäische Soziale Bewegung” (ESB) because the latter was not radical and extreme enough on the issues of “white European peoples’ biological integrity defence and anticommunism” [3]. The dissenters in that ESB conference in May 1951 in Malmö, Sweden, where the “Malmö Declaration” was also announced, proceeded in September of the same year in Zurich to their own conference and the creation of the New European Order (NEO). NEO was clearer in its own proclamation [4], calling for “[…] war against the Bolsheviks Mongols and the capitalists Negroes, and for the white man’s task for racial survival and Aufartung” [5] .

More NEO conferences followed, including, in 1953 in Paris (3rd conference), 1960 and 1962 in Zurich, in 1965 and 1967 in Milan, in 1969 in Barcelona, 1972 and 1974 in Lyon, 1977 and 1979 in Barcelona (14th Conference, with the “Barcelona Declaration”). The CEDADE, that stands for “Círculo Español de Amigos de Europa” (“Spanish Circle of Friends of Europe”), was a Spanish neo-nazi organisation, founded in 1966 in Barcelona and among its founders was Leon Degrelle and Otto Skorzeny [6]. In 1969, as mentioned, the CEDADE hosted the 10th Conference of the New European Order, with 60 representatives from 7 countries [7].

In 1979, the New European Order publishes the “Barcelona Declaration”, a product of the 14th Conference, with the participation of neo-nazis from across the world, many European countries but also Canada, Argentina and South Africa. A little later, in November 1980, Nikos Michalioliakos [8] was dismissed from his 42-month adventurous military service and just one month later, he published the first issue of the Golden Dawn magazine, which bears his name as “Editor” [9]. The subtitle of the magazine was “National Socialist periodical Edition”, with the swastika present of course together with Hitler, the National Socialist stigma being absolutely clear from the outset, as the Fuehrer himself remembers almost 20 years later: “Golden Dawn defines itself through the pages of its magazine as a nationalist publication and this difference, not only terminological but also substantial, was what distinguished it clearly from most of the national spectrum, within which it was operating at the time [10].”

According to Dimitris Psaras, “many elements converge on the belief that the original Golden Dawn version was modelled upon CEDADE [11]” and, in its effort to find international support and to distance itself from the “national spectrum” of royalists, the military junta and the dictator Metaxas supporters, the organisation turned to CEDADE and the European like-minded neo-nazis and -as we will see- adopted and joined the notorious “Barcelona Declaration” and consequently, the extreme nazi-National Socialist (black) International New European Order, since the first months of its existence.

A rare 1981 document with Golden Dawn’s pro-Nazism/National Socialism ideological declaration (which they would rather forget).

The reader can ascertain that from a rare publication of the nazi gang that came to us randomly and which we present today exclusively. It is a publication of the first months of 1981, when the magazine counted only 4 issues and, therefore, we can reasonably assume that this issue is one of the very first “ideological” publications released by the organisation. The striking colour cover leaves no room for misinterpretation. An SS officer and two swastikas, black and red, provide the message distinctly and clearly. On the cover, the title New European Order, that is, the name itself of this pan-European/global neo-nazi network [12].

In the (Greek) preface, written by the organisation itself, it is clarified: “Having already declared that we look forward to a transnational National Socialism of all white men […] we continue with the clarification of this position and we offer our readers a basic text on this position: the Declaration of Barcelona”. On the next page, under the heading “Declaration of Barcelona”, we learn that it was signed on the 14th and the 15th of April 1979 by nazi organisations of European countries and Canada, Argentina and South Africa, for the 14th conference of the “New European Order”. Then, there are two pages containing the 7 points of the declaration, where the “useless bio-psychic parasites” threaten “the biological perfection which is the destiny of the white man”.

The declaration closes with the position that only the “racial elites” can do “good to humanity” and enrich the human species and that this can be achieved through the “administrative medicine”.

In the remaining pages, from page 5 to page 19, there is the analysis of all the above (national socialist nonsense for the white race, the white man, for negros, for “subhuman Jews”, for the implementation of “eugenics policy for the salvation of the white peoples”, for the “abnormal trends-homosexuality” (alas!!), the imprisonment of Rudolf Hess, and closes with a recording of National Socialist persecutions and a call for the creation of a “Europe of white peoples”). The individual subchapters have titles:

New solutions

The white people before the risk of death

For a European Popular – National Movement

Revision of society through action

The geopolitical situation

The European Right and the European Parliament elections

The democratic tyranny

This paper was advertised in the journal of the organisation – see the advertisement on the number 10 (May-June 1983) with all the editions hitherto published [13] and is featured next to the special edition of the gang with “Hitler’s monumental speech for the 9th anniversary of power takeover in Sporpalast Berlin”. The text of the ad reads:
“This is the declaration of the 14th meeting of the New European Order in Barcelona in 1979. It presents the pressing problems of Europe such as the invasion of coloured people and the American way of life and the positions of the National Socialists for the creation of a new society free from the bonds of the Yalta Agreement”.

Golden Dawn official member of the neo-Nazi International

Following the publication of this issue, a delegation of the nazi organisation travelled to Barcelona, participated in the 15th conference of New European Order and signed the relevant new updated declaration [14]. Therein a reference is made for: “[…] The role of Greece as a barrier to the penetration of Asian hordes in Europe. Solidarity is expressed towards the imprisoned nationalists worldwide and to their fellow Greeks facing state terrorism [15]“.

The nazi formation was officially now member of the neo-nazi International. Later, Golden Dawn printed a second pamphlet entitled “ New European Order 2”, as we can see in the same ad mentioned above.

“Greek nationalists” with the Greek version of Aufartung

We have heard countless times Nikos Michaloliakos and other henchmen of the nazi organisation, shouting and screaming when they are asked if they are nazis, neo-nazis or National Socialists, and replying with the stereotype “We are Greek nationalists, (sir)”. We do not know if these were the words they used to introduce themselves then, in 1981, when they travelled to Barcelona to officially join the neo-nazi International or if they had said, for example, “Ich bin ein griechischer Nationalsozialist”, and anyway, it seems at least incongruous to imagine these words from Führer Michaloliakos’s squeaky voice or the heavy accents of Yiannis Lagos and Kostas Barbarousis. In any case, they are neither “Greek nationalists”, nor (ordinary) followers of National Socialism or theoretical devotees of nazi theories about the “superior race” (we do not use the words “ideology” and “ideas” because they have nothing to do with ideas -just with the practices of hate and death). It is apparent, judging from the straight line that starts from 1980 and 1981 and reaches the current pogrom of 2013, the Golden Dawn formulation are but active nazis, nazis in practice. And this is not apparent (only or so much) from the covers with the swastikas. It is fully experienced by all the victims of these cowardly attacks, while the organisation members implement their own version of “Aufartung”.


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